Heart of Stone (Alice Worth Book 4)


Alice worth is a magical private investigator. A mage who keeps her true abilities under wraps, her latest case is going to make her test that choice. When a child goes missing, Alice is hired to find him. She discovers that a powerful cabal that is collecting mages with a particular power has taken him. To go up against this powerful syndicate, Alice will need all the help she can get. For a woman unused to accepting help from anyone, this won't be easy. However, her sidekick ghost, sexy boyfriend -- a were pack alpha -- and a witch will not let her go it alone. Nothing goes as planned, as tensions rise in the pack over Alice's status, and the Vampire Court indulges in machinations, leaving Alice with a number of fires to put out. But she is an earth and air mage and she isn't about to go down without giving her enemies the fight of their lives.

"Heart of Stone" is a pulsating, nonstop action thrill ride! Author Lisa Edmonds grabs the reader from page one and continues to pile on the stakes. Alice is prickly, independent and so much more than she believes herself to be. Her journey in this one story is enough to make any reader a fan. Her relationship with her were-alpha never overwhelms the story, but adds another dimension to the woman she is meant to be. Her fierce loyalty dominates her choices and leads to incredible actions scenes that will keep readers glued to the pages. "Heart of Stone" is fantasy at its best and a definite keeper!

Tricia Hill