Heart of Shadows – Alice Worth, Book 5


After attending a vampire gala and being wounded during a black magic-induced blood frenzy, paranormal investigator Alice White and her werewolf boyfriend Sean agree to investigate the incident. Hot on the trail, Alice and her ghost brother Malcolm disappear after being ambushed following a lead. Days later Sean finds her walking on the highway without her memories, magic, or Malcolm! Will he and his pack be able to determine what happened while she was kidnapped? Will their relationship survive if Alice never regains her memories or her magic? Will they be able to locate Malcolm?  The unknown is vast and terrifying; and it will take their all to bring the shadows of treachery into the light. 

The fifth installment in Lisa Edmonds’ Alice Worth series is absolutely fantastic!  Readers who have read the first four books will not be disappointed with the continuing saga of Alice, Malcolm, and Sean. New readers of her work will be ensnared by her fabulous storytelling. The characters have a dynamic chemistry filled with love, passion, and respect. Sean is every woman’s fantasy of a dreamy protective hunk of burning love, willing to listen to and fulfill her every desire. Alice is a no holds barred bad-ass woman unafraid to face down vampires, witches, or demons to protect those she loves.  The alternative world is a vibrant landscape of politics and schemes balanced with family and friendship. The villains are diverse and wondrously evil. Ms. Edmonds delivers an extraordinarily magical tale filled with drama, excitement, and suspense! Readers will be unable to put the book down as they rush to the end that will leave them howling for more!

Tonya Mathenia