Heart Bandit

Beaumont Laroche has been condemned to a life as a gargoyle, battling a fae legion at night while becoming a stone statue during the day. His goal is to protect to the human race from Gwawl, an Otherwordly evil that kills humans with his army of fae. When Beaumont was turned into a gargoyle, one small piece of his soul was turned into a shard of stone that he keeps close to his chest at all times. When the beautiful human thief Sadie takes his soul stone, his already unusual life takes a crazy turn. He has to fight his unbelievable attraction to Sadie while fighting off the evil that is set on destroying the human race.

In this first novel of her new series, Rosalie Redd creates a breathtakingly captivating story sure to thrill all the senses! Readers will fall in love with the charming Beaumont whose tortured soul is soothed only by his human love, Sadie. The reader’s heartstrings will be tugged by Sadie whose life has been filled with trials up until this point. In spite of the somewhat ‘insta-love”, the action and passionate love story weave throughout the plot, carrying it swiftly to the very last page. One can only hope with bated breath that Beaumont and Sadie’s story will continue in this series, as one will not be able to get enough of their fiery relationship. “Heart Bandit” truly does steal one’s heart away and tucks it within the pages of this story!
Jen Griffin