He’s My Husky


Max came back from America with two purposes in mind: to console his friend Sue over her divorce, and to find out if Emma’s son could possibly be his. He and Emma had had a one-night stand ten years ago after Sue’s wedding. Then several months later, Emma wrote him with news that she was pregnant with his child. For ten years he had denied the boy, but Max has a dark secret that he must share with Emma if the boy is indeed his. The boy looks just like Max, so he must find a way to gently share his heritage with Emma and convince her to take him into her and Shane’s lives.


This isn’t just another dog story; it has a unique twist in the middle of the novel. Although Sue’s divorce is the impetus for getting Max to England, this storyline does little to move the story along. Shane is coming of age and needs his father to guide him on this journey, since he is different from the typical adolescent boy. The story comes to a screeching halt instead of being allowed to play out to its natural end, but that could be due to the short-story format the author has chosen.  


A good, fast read for dog lovers everywhere.


Belinda Wilson