The Haunting Of Hotel LaBelle


Hotel inspector Talullah Thompson and her pug, Franny, go to see what is causing delays in renovation at the Hotel LaBelle. What she finds is an Innkeeper who is stuck between worlds. Lucius Stewart will remain where he is until he finds true love and the woman gives her heart to him. After she manages to bring Lucius back to this world, they work together to save the hotel. However, Talullah is worried that Lucius may still be living in the past - when he was a scoundrel who used women for nothing more than pleasure.


A really fun read, "The Haunting of Hotel LaBelle" has two very strong and determined characters. One of them a rake from the past who is used to having women for one night and leaving them, the other a strong woman and her faithful pug. The descriptions really pull the reader into the book; reading it will take one into the surroundings of the hotel and create visuals in the mind. The only criticism was that some aspects of Lucius's dialogue felt slightly out of place considering the time he is from, however it was very infrequent. Sharon Buchbinder has written a really enjoyable and sensual read and would lead a reader to check out any other books she has written.


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick