Hatchling's Vengeance (The Dragshi Chronicles #4)

Helen B.

FANTASY:  Lady Glynnes Janaleigh has finally found her intended mate. A previous bodyguard to a dragon lord, she is now a dragon lord in her own right. Due to fate, her mate might not survive. The leader, called the Parant, is determined to have vengeance and even dragons might not be able to stop him. It doesn't matter who gets hurt in the process, the Parant will have his way. As Glynnes and Talann battle the Parant, they must call on all their skills as warriors and dragons. 


This book takes the reader into a land of dragons and myths. Lady Glynnes is a strong character who has found her one true mate. Helen B. Henderson has put a lot of work into the land she has created. She has also done her research in writing fight scenes - she puts the reader right in the middle of the action, painting pictures vividly for their imagination. Glynnes and Talann are meant to be together and their love is deep. This reviewer's only complaint is that their story ended too soon!  "Hatchling's Vengeance" is the fourth installment in the Dragshi Chronicles, and although it stands alone, readers clamoring for more stories of the Dragshi can go back and learn about them from the beginning.  This was an entertaining tale with plenty of dragon fun!


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick