Harliss (The Watcher #2)


Micah is a Being, one who used to be emotionless, but since he met Harliss Tanielu, big changes are happening fast and he’s losing control of everything. Harliss Tanielu is a wild cougar looking for a bit of excitement, which she finds when sparks fly upon meeting Micah. But the mating between them has unexpected consequences, and there is danger hidden within the walls of the Exchange House Social Center.

This romance is scorching hot with lots of electric chemistry and sizzling excitement. The characters are strong, intriguing and easily pull readers into their story, which has an overall fun and decadent feel to it. Micah and Harliss have tremendous chemistry and readers can definitely see that they belong together, and their mating further proves that as unforeseen consequences brings about quite a few exciting changes that add a sense of expectation. If the previous book has not been read, readers may be a bit lost and confused at the beginning, and since the story is quite short, there is not enough background about the aliens and their presence on Earth, which does not do the intriguing aliens justice. Even though readers may feel as if the series concept is not as clear as it could be, they will be intrigued with the fascinating world and find themselves glued to the pages with all of the exciting and suspenseful events taking place among all the red-hot intimate scenes of this delightful and rousing romance!

E.L Hurley