Hand of Miriam (A Bayla and the Golem Novel)


STEAMPUNK:  Bayla Gideon, a bluestocking widow, is content to exist in her achives.  Blessed (or cursed, depending on how you look it it) with the all-seeing eye, she soon discovers her fate leads in a more adventurous direction. Gesher, avenging angel turned golem, is awakened to protect Bayla from the many dangers that surround her. A secret society of men needs Baylas assistance but all despise the idea of a woman amongst their ranks. A woman, many feel, is merely a witch. Murder, mystery, demons, and the paranormal come together in a contest of wills, pitting Bayla and her golem against great enemies; and a burning passion neither can deny. 

Gordon has a great ability to create characters and dynamic settings, which she then weaves into an inventive plot line. There is clearly high-intensity action, extreme-voltage danger and truly mystifying paranormal dimensions within the tale being told. Bayla is one of the most compelling female heroines around, willing to take on anything the world or otherworld throws at her. Gesher is the epitome of the romantic male bodice ripping partner. Their story alone shines above the rest of the overwhelming tale. 

The rest includes complex changes that cause the overall plot to become weighted down with story arcs. Essentially it might have been better to split this into two novels; an introductory novel for Bayla and another book for the tale of Jack the Ripper. Minor errors in editing and format might cause some trouble while reading, but the anticipation for the next book will remain. The characters are that compelling.

Penelope Anne Bartotto