Halo Effect (The Cupid Chronicles #2)


Noble Blackfeather has a broken past - and now he holds his privacy and solitude close.  That is, until his neighbor Braelyn Campbell and her son Tristan move in next door. He tries to keep his distance but finds it hard when his heart begins to tug at the strings and draws him closer. It's even more difficult when you've got an angel on love detail working on it and putting in overtime.

Braelyn hopes to keep Tristan safe and begin again. Although love is not what she's looking, for she hasn't given up entirely yet. Especially once she sees her new neighbor!


Love Detail's angel, Michael, is trying to earn his wings, and he definitely has his work cut out for him on this project!  Right from the beginning Noble is an attractive character - mysterious, elusive and the reader is certainly drawn to him. Braelyn is likable but at times she comes on a bit too strong, and occasionally moves too quickly. Her story, however, is interesting and overall she has a good heart.  The resistance between them is alluring but the reader is slightly let down when the steam level fails to meet the rising temperature between them. The angelic/cupid aspect really takes the story to another level.  The most unlikely candidate for an angel will surprise and entertain. It will have the most skeptic reader believing in love and angels.  


 Margaret Faria