The Gypsy's Dance (Hunter's Series Book One)


Arranged marriages are a way of life for Gypsy's.  Oralia Simone is promised to Tobias McGrath at the age of 18, regardless of her feelings on the matter. After having danced in the matching celebration, she is introduced to her betrothed. Tobias is the next in line to lead his clan, and wants to make Oralia his, as she is the most beautiful gypsy in all the clan. What Tobias wants, Tobias takes regardless of the cost.
Niko Raydon is drawn to Oralia's village by the pull of someone using dark magic. Being a Hunter, it is his job to police those who use dark magic to harm others. As he watches Oralia dance in the matching celebration, unknown to her, he is drawn to her beauty and innocence.
When Oralia and Niko meet, it's an instant connection. Will the connection between them be able to grow, or will Oralia have to go through with the promise her parents have made?
In “The Gypsy's Dance”, the character of Oralia is written exquisitely and with an almost painful innocence. Charlie Daye is the quintessential artist of writing riveting characters that stay true to form. The family dynamic in this story is so deeply touching, it actually brings a tear to the eye, and leaves one aching to be a part of it.   The love between Oralia and Niko is sweet and romantic, yet very steamy. This is the first book in the Hunter Series, and as the last page turns, it leaves one yearning for the next book!
Tonya Smalley