Guarding Bloodlines – The Princeton Allegiant Series


Loren Tagaris is the most dangerous vampire to walk the earth. Julianna, a witch, has powers beyond imagination. When Loren strikes a bargain to save his mate, he is forced to show loyalty to the vampire lords of New York and to locate their missing commander within a month or deliver his progeny over. So when their hunt for the missing commander reveals terrifying secrets the vampire world turns into chaos. Loren must choose between his own freedom and protecting the allegiant world of vampires, or losing Julianna forever.

The Princeton Allegiant Series features a recurring cast of hot and sexy vampires, but each book stands alone. The author draws the reader in with intrigue and the promise of a dark and dangerous paranormal world from the get go. The story is painted with descriptions that are crisp and fresh. Loren is immediately attractive and leaves the reader panting for him. Julianna is strong and exciting as a witch who does not belong in the world of vampires. The world is believable and ensconces the reader in excitement, tension and adventure. The characters' emotions are beautifully brought to the fore and deepen the read, making this an enjoyable story to lose oneself in. However, there is a strong similarity to similar stories in this genre such as a “Discovery of Witches” and even “Game of Thrones”, to the extent that it may break the rhythm of the reader and cause a well-read person to question the story. A good read and a delicious romance!

Cecilia Robins