The Gryphon and His Thief

Karen Michelle

NEW ADULT:  Being cursed sucks. Darrien Andros didn’t realize how badly until Calli stole into his life—quite literally. Now, he’s questioning his existence, the curse that binds him, and how he can convince Calli to believe she’s his forever love.


Calli is just there for a job. She didn’t sign up for creepy Gryphons, curses or hot Grecian guardians—though, the hot guardian stuff really wasn’t so bad. But that is all beside the point. She has a job to do and a client waiting for her to produce the stone. She has never backed down from a job before. She always does her homework. So why is she suddenly listening to this . . . Gryphon, hottie, shifter guy?


Gryphons! These mythical creatures are a fun shift from the usual fantasy characters of late, and Ms. Nutt does a great job in the Gryphons-can-be-sexy department. Her story is a unique mix fraught with action, danger, and a zing of clean steam. Some story elements seemed a bit unnecessary, and the main female character’s “voice” sounded more teen than adult, but it didn’t take away much from a fun fast-paced action-packed ride. “The Gryphon and His Thief” is a fantastical fantasy stacked with Indiana Jones-esque adventure and intrigue, sprinkled with yummy heated kisses and a hunky main male character. Hello, his name is Darrien. Sexy.


Sofia St. Angeles