Graveyard Druid: (Colin McCool #2)


Colin McCool is a druid for hire. Charged by the local Austin vampire coven to rid the city of a pack of rogue ghouls, he is working to tidy up the infestation at the cemetery. Someone is orchestrating the new bevy of the undead and it is up the Colin to root out the problem. Colin enlists his friend Belladonna to help him kill the ghouls and find their master. As humans continue to disappear and die, Colin and Belladonna are sucked into the underbelly of Austin’s paranormal community. Will they be able to stop the necromancer before he wreaks more havoc on the city?


“Graveyard Druid” is not a stand-alone book and needs to be read as a sequel to book one. The plot, although different from any other paranormal story, is confusing and somewhat convoluted. Readers may find it difficult to follow along. The manuscript begins at a strange point in time but continues at a steady pace until the last few chapters - where the ending is rushed and it is hard to decipher what exactly happens. There are so many characters at play in “Graveyard Druid” that readers might find it hard to keep them all straight. Some of them don't seem to have any real connection to the story and readers might question their purpose. Mr. M.D. Massey has penned a solid entry in his urban fantasy series, which will leave readers anticipating Colin McCool's next adventure.


Mary-Nancy Smith