Good Things: An Urban Fantasy Anthology

A. Star, Angela B. Chrysler, J. Kim McLean, Dariel Raye, Mia Daren,
Abigail Owen, Crystal G. Smith, Kat Jameson, Christi Rigby, Jessica Nicholls

Ten tales from the fantasy realm form this collection of stories with the common cause of donating the proceeds to the Random Acts Organization. Each story reminds the reader that acts of kindness, whether random or intentional, are within all of humanity’s capacity. “Alpha Ascension” gives us werewolves. “For You” brings death into play. “What We Do for Love” is a dive into the world of psychics. “Outreach, Part One” is a cliffhanger with angels. “Personal Responsibility” has vampires and meta-humans coming together. “Psyched” is a meta-human menagerie. “Kamry’s Hope” has a very helpful ghost. “An Act of Love” takes on the Gods of old. “Windsong” dances with the Native spirits, and “The Will of Nyx” brings ancient Gods and Goddesses to the earthly realm. 

These unique tales are based on the premise that compassion and kindness can come from anywhere and anyone. There are twists that will surprise the reader and turns that bring delight. Each story has a taste of the paranormal that is intriguing. Unfortunately, overall the stories proved predictable and lacking in solid plots. Even short stories still require a story arc: beginning, middle, and end. A few had a solid story that left the reader wanting more, but most did not. The acts of kindness were always there, but not all had enough oomph to cause a solid impact on the reader. The overall stream is a steady river of average, with an occasional set of rapids to spice things up. The theme was difficult to determine at first, but eventually it became somewhat clear. Like the theme, give the book a chance. Not every story in an anthology will appeal to every reader, but there will always be a sparkle in the darkness that attracts the eyes of some. Seek out the light. 

Penelope Anne Bartotto