A Good Demon Is Hard To Find


ROMANTIC COMEDY:  When Erin’s soon-to-be-ex-husband dares to show up at her house asking her to quit attending their church because it makes his girlfriend – Erin’s ex-best friend – uncomfortable, her incredulity at his arrogance causes her to inadvertently place a curse on him. Enter Andromalius, also known as Andy, a demon, or rather a Great Earl of Hell, specializing in wickedness and revenge, who appears to make the curse a reality. Erin has no idea how she was able to cast a spell, which leads her to confide in her coworker, a witch, something Erin had no idea was real. After Raya casts Andy into banishment, Erin does everything she can to bring him back, not because she still wants revenge on Mark, but because she misses his friendship… and she needs a date to Mark’s upcoming wedding.  

Any reader looking for a light-hearted, sweet, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, look no further. “A Good Demon Is Hard To Find” has the feel and fun of a good sitcom. There are plenty of antics and shenanigans coming from both Andy and Raya that will make the reader laugh out loud. The developing relationship between Andy and Erin is sweet, with a few “aww” moments that will bring a smile and the warm-fuzzies. Raya and Phoenix are excellent secondary characters, and sparks of all sorts fly every which way. In several places the timeline is somewhat confusing, and typos throughout the story are a little irritating. Yet despite that, this is a truly enjoyable read that will bring a smile to any reader’s face.

Katy Nielsen