Good Bones


From the very beginning of her career as a psychologist, Katherine Fleming has never given up on a patient — no matter how hard the case.  Her sense of  compassion and intuitiveness help her to sense when a troubled soul needs her help.  When she starts working with Detective Jake Sumner on a highly unusual case with a most unusual patient, Katherine must decide if she is willing to risk her life for another.  With help from an odd cat named Whiskers and a mirror that is more than meets the eye, Katherine and Jake dive deep into cold cases in order to solve a series of murders, racing the clock before another victim can be claimed. 

"Good Bones" is a unique serial-killer mystery that mixes real detective work with paranormal elements.  Katherine, a smart, caring, and strong lead, will bring the reader quickly into the story, with a mystery that will keep the reader needing more.  The partnership between Jake and Katherine drives the case throughout the book while bringing a subtle romantic relationship, adding richness to the characters without overshadowing the rest of the plot.  Although Whiskers and the mirror are  interesting additions, more explanation and background on the how and why would have made for an even stronger story.  Mid-way through there are a few sluggish moments spent on the more technical aspects of the case, but the conclusion makes up for it in end.  Overall, a truly intriguing mystery that will have the reader furiously turning pages into the wee hours of the night!

Amy Cefoldo