Golden Anidae (The Blushing Death #4)

Suzanne M.

“Golden Anidae” is book four in the Blushing Death series. Dahlia, vampire slayer, has had enough with the recent death of her close friend. She flees to Las Vegas and lays low with friend Enza while considering what to do with the rest of her life. Enza worries about her friend and her failed attempts to interest her in the world of the living.  With a number of her friends dead or missing, apathy washes over Dahlia. Only the disappearance of Enza’s friend and the lingering smell of vampire jolts her back into action. The arrival of the handsome and mysteriously wealthy detective Cordero Salazon intrigues her. The man forces his way into her life against her reservations. Dahlia knows he’s not what he seems, but she’s not sure what he is.


“Golden Anidae” picks up where book three left off. The genre is harder to type because it contains urban fantasy, mystery, and adventure. Simply put, it is an amazing read! It starts relatively fast and gives enough clues for the reader to pick up what happened in the earlier books. Dahlia is a strong, likable heroine, who faces down her own personal demons along with cunning vampires. The colorful backdrop of Las Vegas embellishes this rich and often dark tale. Ms. Sabol is an original voice is a genre rife with copycats. “Golden Anidae” is chock-full of vampires, werewolves, shifters, fae, and enough magic and mystical happenings to please both paranormal and urban fantasy fans.


Morgan Stamm