Gods and Demons (Blood & Darkness Book Three)


New Orleans is in trouble! Demons have escaped from the underworld and are arriving in town. Gray has no choice but to bring forth the Hades Protocol, which means the Gods will assist with the situation. With Harpies standing in her way, Gray knows that there is a high cost to gain entry to Elysium. As covens try to keep a barrier around the city, Gray faces a race against time to save the world. With someone working against her, it makes her job even harder. She has to use her own powers and instincts as she doesn't know who to trust. Will she be able to discover the traitor and save the world?

“Gods and Demons” starts the action from the first page. With action, emotion, intrigue and mystery practically leaping off every page, it is a paranormal romance worthy of the genre. A vast array of characters who are portrayed well through their dialogue and description make this book a great read for 2019. The plot is exciting, dynamic and keeps the reader guessing throughout. As it works as part of a series, there was some information that newcomers may miss, however this is easily rectified by reading the other books which, given this book’s quality, will not be a disappointment. Melissa Sercia has written a great addition to her “Blood & Darkness” series. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick