The Goddess Particle


Mandy found her saviors when she was saved by Swithin and his father. Their lives haven't been the same since. Her mind is powerful and she needs to keep those hunting her from obtaining that power. Despite her rejection, Swithin Hook continues to give Mandy everything he has. Swithin is expected to go to his calling in the supernatural hunting community while fighting his own inner demons that threaten to pull him in the wrong direction. As he and Mandy fight together, they face a host of strange creatures while learning about themselves. Will Mandy find her feelings for Swithin along the way? 


This is a very interesting book - the story is compelling and immediately draws the reader in. There are some laugh-out-loud moments and some moments that will make the reader cringe with the grisly descriptions. Brandy Gaye takes the reader on a wild adventure with exciting and likeable characters they won't forget in a hurry. There is almost a teasing "will they or won't they" nature to Swithin and Mandy's relationship, which it makes the book all the more enjoyable. The character development progresses well and with the story.  This is an enjoyable read and one the reader might be tempted to pick up again and again. 


Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick