Glimpse of Destiny


Xade Daniels is at the top of the supernatural creatures' "kill on sight" list. Part fairy, part vampire, she’s never known why she is so powerful, or why she’s always been an outcast. Soon a battle to determine the ruling species will occur and while some of the Vampire Council wants Xade to represent them, many more species would prefer she never make it to the battlegrounds. As the truth about her heritage is revealed, Xade must make a journey to hell and back with her best friend Shauna and her ex-lover Deysyl at her side if she can stay alive long enough to do so.


"Glimpse of Destiny" is a paranormal romance involving a kick-butt and powerful female with a mysterious past, quirky witch best friend, and a hot hitman for an ex, all of which can add up to a great story. Xade however, is powerful beyond compare and lacks both weakness and depth. She has a foul mouth with a tendency to insult enemies but without wit which makes her sound childish. She further spends all her time thinking about killing enemies and lusting after her ex which leaves her sounding shallow. Further the story picks up abruptly making the reader feel like they missed a book then ends without warning. Between the fast pace, non-stop action, and world building, the next book will have plenty of potential to build on.


Sarah E. Bradley