A Glimmer of Guile

Mary Patterson

FANTASY:  Vivia has the guile - magic flows in her blood, strong magic. Trained by Taso Raym, she is sent to Ladygate to finish her education due to her sex. Raym is a recluse male, she a young woman. Jealously runs rampant in the “school” and Vivia’s talents make her a target for all, especially Harken, the Mother Superior.  Harken seeks to be rid of the girl, and an opportunity arises. Vivia is sent on a mission to save the kidnapped son of King Horok. She faces many challenges, yet learns many truths along the way, about family, friends, foes, and femininity.


Guided through a world by one with magic, the reader sees a place not much different from current reality. Those who are different are outcasts, the rich hold the power, and to fight can mean death. The perspective via the eyes of the heroine takes the reader into the heart of the fight, one fully worth experiencing. 


A tale of learning, there is more than a glimmer of everything within this exceptional fantasy! Faced with her past, Vivia learns more about who she is, and who she is meant to be. Forced to fight she must hone her skills quickly, and she does. Every little girl dreams of living a fantastic life, and finding love at the end of it all. Guile or not, at the end of this journey, dreams have come true. Evil is slain, goodness restored, justice is served. Best of all, true love is found!


Penelope Anne Bartotto