Recent Reviews

ROMANTIC COMEDY:  On the eve of both the holidays and the sixth anniversary of a heartbreaking event, Regina is being kept quite busy with the special orders coming into her bakery. Though totally swamped, she can’t help but say yes when handsome Connor swoops in requesting an elaborate cake for a fundraiser he’s hosting.

MULTI-RACIAL:  “Captain” is the nickname of the main character and storyteller. “Queen” is Calista/Callie, his girlfriend.  Set in the fall of their senior year, in 1986 Long Island, New York, this is their coming-of-age tale. Captain is a Hispanic middle-class average kid. Callie is the daughter of a Greek tycoon. Their love would be forbidden but their passions say otherwise.

Faith and Greg Mallory are living the perfect dream. They are childhood sweethearts, happily married and crazy in love. Christmas is upon them, and they are one month away from having twin sons. What could make it better? Depends on who you ask.

Robbie Bowlin lives a grand life as a highwayman. He takes what he wants, whether it be drink, woman, or other’s possessions, without thought or regret. The one thing he cannot put aside is how his father died a broken man, cursing the Rees family, Saban Rees in particular. Fate leads him to Wales where he is shipwrecked.

Dorian Lyon, a cold ruthless pirate, captain of the Mawdelyn, doesn’t let things get to him.  Emotions don’t touch Dorian. Not even the death of his beloved mother, whom he grieves for at first, can penetrate his hardened heart. When someone asks for passage on his ship, Dorian is not all that keen to give it, especially since the person asking is his ex-lover Ileana Mactavish.