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Hope French knows she is different from her classmates, but does not know how. Except for Emily, all of her classmates taunt her, making her feel isolated. When Jessie and Aaron ridicule her, the windshield of the car suddenly cracks down the middle.

VICTORIAN/WESTERN:  An explosion and fire destroy the Gold King mine outside of Wildcat Ridge, leaving most women in town widows. The town owner, Mortimer Crane, has proclaimed he will not renew leases to businesses run by women. Everyone must pay him monies owed him in three months or he will tear down the town. The ladies devise a solution — they will entice men to town and marry them.

FANTASY:  Melvin Morrow and his friends, Jason and Richard, are gamers needing a fourth. They cajole Melvin’s older brother Mike into playing, and put a lot of effort into making their avatars complete with powers and wardrobe. Suddenly, the four of them are transported to a forest and transformed into a woman warrior, an archer, a mage, and a megrym, respectively.

Lexi Dixon is ill and she becomes a blood courtesan to pay for the treatment she requires. She is given a client that all the other courtesans fear. Gavin Morris is tall, sexy and Lexi is instantly enthralled. The more time they spend together, the more she yearns for Gavin to be hers. As time goes on and they get closer, it becomes clear that they are meant to be together.

Lady Frances is convinced that her husband only married her because it was an ideal situation; she on the other hand married for love. When everything becomes too much, she runs away to stay with her friend Adriane Marshall. Her friend doesn't have the best reputation and Frances soon discovers that her husband is coming after her.