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Natalie Brewer decided to follow her dreams and relocate to Paris, where she found work in a soup kitchen. When she starts having nightmares about vampires and suddenly comes face-to-face with one, she discovers a whole side of Paris she didn’t know existed… And a whole side of herself she wasn’t aware of either.

Ready for Whatever
Kathryn R.

WOMEN'S FICTION/ROMANTIC COMEDY:  After the untimely deaths of her mother and grandmother, Millie knew the odds were against her. Now in her late twenties, Millie has tested positive for the BRCA gene. While the marvel of modern medical advances will give her a new lease on life, Millie’s recovery from a double mastectomy and hysterectomy is brutal.

WESTERN:  Winnie is a stagecoach driver, like her father before her.  However, after her father’s death, Winnie must disguise herself as a guy if she wants to carry on the family tradition.

High Warrior (High Warriors of Rohan Book 1)
Kathryn Le Veque
Narrator: Sean Patrick Hopkins

HISTORICAL:  The Irish “High Warrior,” Sir Bric MacRohan, has no intentions to marry. He was born to fight, a huge man with a love for combat who pities his married comrades. But family ties are tight and politically motivated. When Bric discovers he is slated to wed Lady Eiselle de Gael—and has no choice in the matter—he is miserable.

Love at Five Thousand Feet
Jane Lewis
Narrator: Dawson McBride

HISTORICAL:  Dottie Lester returns to her hometown in Saplingville, Georgia after her mother’s death. She knows she must care for her alcoholic father but soon realizes she has taken on the role of parent. Dottie hopes, after grounding him in a new job, she can move to Macon, where her aunt lives.