The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio (Out of Time Thriller Series Book 2)


Angela Renatus, art aficionado and world-class private detective, is different — and she is not sure if being different is a curse or a blessing. Scouring the world for stolen and or lost priceless works of art, restoring collections for private collectors, investigating museum and gallery claims of theft and fraud, would be impossible without her visions. And Angela is reluctant to call them simply visions. She knows things — intimate things that only the artist himself could possibly know. Now, with the help of Alex Caine, her fiancé and former Navy Seal, she will embark on the most curious and notorious art theft in history — “Nativity” by Caravaggio. Will their investigation shed light on one of history’s oldest unsolved mysteries, or will it reveal a depth of depravity Angela never knew existed?

Belle Ami’s book, “The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio”, is second in the Out of Time series. In this newest installment, Ms. Ami takes the reader on a ridiculously entertaining, mind-bending expedition through space and time, never missing an opportunity to educate the reader in art history. She does this flawlessly, and is as much an artist as those she portrays. Ms. Ami seamlessly paints the reader into her canvas. There is the feeling of actually being in the interior of a Baroque church or tasting the ugliness of modern warfare. Never shy with her characters’ sexuality, Ms. Ami demurs in this sequel, offering the die-hard fan scintillating innuendo, and the chemistry between her characters has never been more intimate or passionate.  An absolute masterpiece one does not have to be an art lover to enjoy!

Kimberly Gunvaldson