The Ghosts of Rue Dumaine


The cottage in the New Orleans French Quarter where Danica Giles grew up is once again available, and she has decided to return to her old home. The cottage holds many wonderful memories of an old friend...Gaston. A friend that has always made her feel safe, and protected. A relationship she would like to rekindle, if he is still around.


Gaston Deslonde isn’t a typical friend - he's a ghost, and has been for 150 years. But even ghosts still have feelings, and Gaston wants Danica for himself - always has. There is a way for him and Danica to be together, but she has to make that choice. It’s either him, or the new man who has drawn her eye - her neighbour's son Paul.  Whom will it be? Will Gaston be able to keep her for himself, or will Paul, who can touch and hold her, win her heart?


Wow, does Ms. Weis know how to write a good ghost story! Is a relationship between a ghost and a living person realistic? Nope. Does one care after reading this story? Definitely not! The characters, whether alive or dead, come to vivid life and inhabit the color that is New Orleans in this amazingly addictive, spooky tale. There is just the right amount of history, humor, and sexual tension, plus the author throws in a creepy aspect that will make one say....”eeewwww”!!! Be warned, once this one is started, it’s un-put-downable!  


Tonya Smalley