Ghosts of Deveraux Manor


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Charlotte Deveraux is nervous and excited about inheriting a house in Normandy, France. With her best friend in tow, they arrive on a stormy night and are forced to accept hospitality from her new neighbor. Travis Gardner, a British art restorer, has made his home in Normandy. He fell in love with the local village and with a Deveraux woman, whom he later divorced and who was later murdered. Charli knows little of her Devereaux relatives, but she has more pressing concerns. She must catalogue the contents of the house so that she can prepare it for sale and return to the U.S. However, the tower room remains locked. Could the famous missing Devereux jewels be there? Why did someone search the house? As Charli connects with her heritage and begins to fall in love with Travis, she questions her life choices. For two mischievous ghosts, time is running out, for if Charli and Travis do not find their happily-ever-after, these two Deveraux will be consigned to Purgatory forever.

"Ghosts of Deveraux" offers a masterful mix of mystery, romance and the paranormal to keep readers hooked. While the elements of a gothic novel are there with a haunted mansion and the mysterious death of the previous owner, the combination of Charli's budding romance with Travis and the antics of two French ghosts add an overall lightness to the tone. The mystery and romance are nicely woven together as the death of Travis' ex-wife ties into the questions surrounding Charli's inheritance, bringing the two together in their quest for answers. "Ghosts of Devereaux" entertains and delights for maximum reading entertainment!

Tricia Hill