Ghostly Justice


PARANORMAL/MYSTERY:  Daria is a unique and special girl. She has discovered that she can hear what most of her friends are thinking. She can also see ghosts, and a few days ago she discovered that she can communicate with the ghost at the Morrison house! If only she and her friends hadnt decided to start meeting at the Morrison house after school. No one else can see or hear Amanda, the resident ghost, so sometimes Daria is in a quandary when Amanda speaks to her and her friends are around. She has to make sure to only think about what she wants to say to Amanda. Soon Amanda is communicating with Daria day and night. She wants her to help solve the mystery of her murder.


An new and interesting twist on YA ghost stories! This novel starts off very slowly but as it progresses, it gains momentum and becomes much more interesting and harder to put down. Readers will enjoy the fact that Daria and Amanda, by coincidence, look enough alike to be sisters. Teenagers tend to be very resilient and Darias communications with Amanda are readily accepted by the other characters. This was an endearing quality to the reader. Readers may have trouble accepting the scenes with Arlen - they tend to be over the top and very disturbing. Overall, a good book, but it is almost too mature for a young adult in some of its themes.


Belinda Wilson