Ghost of a Chance


Sixteen-year old Sarah Atwell turns her back on her beloved grandmother, her love of horses and a career as a champion rider after discovering she’s not what society would deem normal. Twelve years later, in a twist of coordinated fate, Sarah inherits her grandmother's horse farm. The conditions attached to her inheritance lead to Sarah meeting former Redclaw agent Casey Barnes. 

Casey has ghosts of his own. Now a partial amputee, his inner wolf is in hiding. June Atwell’s death pits him against her granddaughter for rights to the stable. A series of mysterious accidents and a deep-seated attraction draws the pair closer, at the same time as their secrets threaten to tear them apart.

This feisty paranormal romance featuring a heroine with a love for all things classical and Comicon will sweep readers off their feet. The shifter trope is presented in an exciting and refreshing manner that keeps the reader’s attention throughout. The strong alpha male is not overbearing but absolutely loveable and drool-worthy in every way.  The only times the reader would feel at a loss in the story is because the manuscript was not properly proofread and unfortunately there are numerous typos sprinkled throughout. The introduction of the cast, as the dying matriarch reads out the will on a pre-recorded video, is vibrant with emotion and well-planned dialogue. This shifter romance is unique and fits well in its rural-contemporary setting. It works well as a standalone in the series. 

Cecilia Robins