Gavril of Aquina

St. James

MEDIEVAL FANTASY:  Orphaned, presumed dead, and stripped of his magic, Gavril has lost everything. He’s a beggar on the streets of his own kingdom. Five years in captivity has deemed him unrecognizable to his subjects, and to and himself. Now, he’s on the run from his own guard, accused of a crime he didn’t commit. So when he runs into fate—quite literally—he has no choice but to change both their lives.

When Shyla is put in the path of the bedraggled Gavril, she uses her power to determine his sincerity. He’s telling the truth so she decides to help him, but the more questions she asks of this handsome stranger, the more questions arise. She can’t figure out why his magic is suppressed, or why his kiss is so hauntingly familiar.

Steamy, steam, steam! Brimming with tension, passion and… va va va voom, “Gavril of Aquina” is a sure bet for romance-seekers. With a cast of hunkalicious characters, a no-nonsense heroine, magic, and adventure, it’s a riotous ride! Some of the magical elements are a bit out-of-nowhere, and some plot twists are a smidge of a stretch, but it isn’t enough to put the reader off from the fun of the story. Well-paced and three-dimensional, “Gavril of Aquina” is an easy pick for any fantasy-loving steam-seeking romanceaholic’s TBR list.

Sofia St. Angeles