Gathering Mist (Kundigerin Book 2)


Giselle has denied her gift of visions ever since she came of age and they began. Her late husband wrote the visions off as mere coincidence, but her aunt knows it is the gift of being a Kundigerin. Before Giselle can seek out her aunt to learn more about the gift, the aunt and Giselle's cousin are cold-bloodedly killed, leaving Giselle the only remaining member of her family. She seeks out others with her gifts and finds out her husband was involved in a secret, evil plot that would kill her kind and others.  Her new friends re-introduce her to "the one who got away" - musician Scott Michaels.  Can he stay the course this time, or will Giselle have to face the ghosts and demons alone?  


The glossary in the front of the story was a nice touch, so one knows what the magic creatures are from the beginning. The major characters are very real, having depth and human flaws, making them more relatable. The scenery is well described and the reader feels as though they are in the story, walking beside the characters in the novel. The plot is unique and very refreshing and the writing is very clear and concise. This is the second book in a series, but it works well as a stand-alone story. There are some loose ends that will hopefully be resolved in the next book.


Belinda Wilson