The Garnet Dagger

Andrea R.

FANTASY:  Member of the Elvin community, Brock Rashwe, regrets the very moment he crossed the border of Tamlon, the great tree city. It was on the outermost edge of human dwelling where he received the evil curse from a vampyre bite, which leaves his touch lethal. A shared kiss with his fiancé kills her instantly and the elderlies deem him to be the Reaper of Death. Brock must leave the safety of the circle of trees with a garnet dagger to hunt down a witch, pierce her heart and spill her blood in order to reverse the curse and save the fate of the townspeople. Celeste, the witch he seeks, holds magic and passion more powerful than he ever imagined. Love may prove to be the most effective cure to save them both from perishing.

Elves and witches and magic, oh my! Fans of Tolkien will be smitten with Cooper's debut novel, which lures us in to fantasy worlds filled with an array of color, imagination and thoughtful creativity. Readers will take pleasure in the continuous emotions they will experience during this literary quest of adventure, danger and romance. The first person narrative is sometimes a distraction for this type of story and actually draws some of the attention away from our hero and heroine.  Character development suffers a bit in this type of storytelling, but luckily, as the plot thickens, book lovers will forget the mishap as they will adore the intense desire displayed with a paranormal twist.


Jaime A. Geraldi