Garden Of Shadows (Dark Gardens #1)


HISTORICAL:  Danger haunts kind-hearted Julia Marsden, as the faerie king, Cadeyrn sets his sights on the maid in hopes of saving his people. Julia doesn’t believe in the fae, however, thinking them only to be the imaginary friends of her orphaned nephew. When Charlie’s uncle Douglas Hawke, Earl of Eastbourne, comes looking for the lad Julia braces for a fight, as he’s set on retrieving the boy and rescuing him from a blackmailer. With lies between Julia and Douglas, and Cadeyrn set on keeping Julia even if it means hurting Charlie, the Earl quickly finds himself torn between his doubts about magic and the enchanting young woman. When myth and reality come head to head, Douglas must trust his heart to save both Julia and Charlie before Cadeyrn claims them for good.

 A fantasy romance with a historical setting, “Garden of Shadows” is a wild ride of magic, English nobility, and secrets! Julia is kind but feisty as she gears up to fight two fronts. Douglas is arrogant but well intentioned, which allows for a passionate romance between the two. Charlie is the adorable tie between them. Although the slow pace can make the story drag a bit, and the plot threads become a bit confusing at times, the interesting characters, intense passion, and a bit of action makes it hard to put down. This is an intriguing and magical romance for any fantasy fan.

Sarah E Bradley