Garden of Light (Dark Gardens Series Book 2)


HISTORICAL:  Cadeyrn, the Fae King, must find his mate to save the Fae as foretold in the prophecy of Draloch. All he knows is that she will be mortal and is destined to die for his love. When he meets Hargreaves, she is exactly the opposite of what he was expecting, but everything points to her being the one. Melody has a wealthy Lord courting her and he is on the brink of proposing marriage, but she can't stop herself from feeling drawn to the world of the Fae and Caderyn, the King. She realizes that he is the one she wants and it's a race against time for him to find a way to not only save the woman he loves, but his people.

Meara Platt has created a fantastic world with in-depth descriptions and strong characters. Although it's part of a series, this book can stand alone and has enough information so the reader will not become lost. There are heart-stopping moments in the book that are unforgettable and may have the reader going over again and again to capture the feeling of reading it again. There is excitement held throughout the book, as the reader wonders if Caderyn and Melody will be together and if Caderyn can save his people. Spectacular!

Lynn-Alexandra McKendrick