Fury’s Kiss (New England Furies Book 1)

Nicola R.

Tara Walker has big plans for her life—plans that don’t include going home smelling like seafood from her job at a Cape Cod restaurant for the rest of her life. But when she is attacked one night, her plans take an unexpected and somehow frightening turn … yet what scares her is herself. Being smack dab in the middle of a murder investigation isn’t easy, but what’s harder is that she’s definitely not as innocent as she seems. And as she begins to learn the truth about her nature and her newfound abilities, things become even hairier. Will she be able to free herself from the clutches of the dark forces that threaten to take her over? Or will she become a slave to her baser instincts? 


Although this story has an interesting premise and neatly drawn-out characters, there are a few instances in which the execution falls flat. For instance, at the beginning of the novel, the reader is left perplexed at abrupt plot shifts and gratuitous violence so early in the novel. What saves this novel are the characters—readers will enjoy learning about Tara and the unlikely relationship between the main character and Jackson. Furthermore, Tara is not anything like most character profiles common to the trope. She’s driven, yet she readily admits her mistakes, which is, in a way, refreshing. Readers should also be aware that there are a few scorching-hot scenes in this paranormal romance. Those who love steamy, romantic, page-turning romances with a paranormal bent will likely enjoy reading this kick-off to a new series. 

Mia Francis-Poulin