Found – The Folk Trilogy Book 3


Eva Winchester leaves her home in Animas, Colorado after nearly killing a few men when her deadly Dame Blanche fairy powers manifest.  She is set up with a condo and an artist studio in the neighboring town of Interlocken, where she will be trained by members of the Ward.  Her benefactor is none other than the seemingly perfect and incredibly handsome Prince Bertilak, known as “Bertie”.  He is trying to handle his increasing royal responsibilities as his Queen Mother’s health declines, and squelch the last dregs of rebellion.  As they try to deny their strong attraction to one another, Eva and Bertie must work together to investigate and put a stop to the ongoing Folk Rebellion that threatens to destroy the peace between the clans of the Mountain Folk.

Meg Benjamin’s exciting conclusion to her Folk Trilogy series is a romantic, action-filled, and dramatic story about two characters previously introduced in the series. The heroine is an alluring, powerful woman determined to embrace her powers, help others, and maintain her independence. The hero is a sexy, magical dreamboat unafraid of responsibilities and danger. The love scenes are titillating interludes of steam and spice. The fight scenes are filled with exciting action readers will find thrilling.  The not-too scary villains are mean and dastardly enough to require vanquishing. Descriptions of the Colorado Mountains and the different locales within the story are a little lackluster. The final installment in this trilogy doesn’t provide a lot of back-story from the previous storylines, however Ms. Benjamin manages to infuse the conclusion with enough intrigue, strong characters, and adventure to stand alone and entice readers to backtrack to the beginning. 

Tonya Mathenia