The Forsaken (The Children of Cain Series, Book #1)


She’s an abandoned child.  No one knows where she’s from.  Her language is unrecognizable.  She is placed in an orphanage run by nuns, where she meets a kindred spirit named Raven.  But the nuns aren’t sure about the girl they call Gwen.  She’s a mysterious child with strange abilities – is she possessed?  When she has an altercation with one of the nuns, Gwen and Raven run away and make their way to the city, living by their wits.  Gwen finds out that her abilities come from the Wiccan tradition.  Raven has unusual talents too, and these become harder to hide as he grows into adulthood.  When they are finally captured by Child Services and separated, Gwen uses her powers to expose evil and save those around her.  She escapes once again, but has no idea where Raven is.


“The Forsaken” is full of drama and mystery, as Gwen and Raven try to survive.  The story develops well, as Gwen finds out about her background, and Raven slowly develops his own special powers.  The different settings, from the orphanage to the city, are well written and carry the story well.  There are several rather explicit scenes – a killing and a rape- which tended to be graphic and not in sync with the rest of the story.  The author also has a prologue and dream sequence that really tie in with the rest of the tale.  The reader must look forward to Book Two, to see if Gwen reunites with Raven, finds her real family, and discovers her true calling.

Victoria Z. Burg