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When Casey and Nate wake up one day, everyone is gone. As Nate is looking throughout his hometown he comes upon Kelvin, a dog that somehow is able to talk at times. Strangest of all is a weird shimmery light at most of the JET gas stations which turn out to be “portals” to a regular world filled with people.

As college undergrad Ravenna Tanglewood and her family come to accept the premature end of her life due to end stage brain cancer, antiquities dealer and immortal dragon Gabriel Blakemore finds her and makes her an offer she won’t refuse. A curse, a quest, parallel realms, and unexpected betrayals are only a few of the challenges Raven and Gabriel must conquer together.

TIME TRAVEL:  What happens when a caveman from the Neolithic era of 10,000 B.C. and a present-day archaeologist meet-cute after stumbling into a gateway for time travel? A sweet fish-out-of-water romance begins. Hannah Clayton is single and free to pursue her passion for ancient artifacts with her team in Oregon.

The Scent of Forever

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Emotionally stuck, bestselling author Ann McConnell’s fertility issues dominate her life. They revealed the weaknesses in her marriage to Mike and led to their divorce. Ann’s best friend Maggie, who’s also an author, provides encouragement and comic relief as a loyal, sarcastic, uninhibited instigator of mischief.

DUAL TIMELINE:  After an intense battle during the 14th Century Crusades, Templar Sergeant Brim Hastings and apprentice leather tanner Shayla Kostic narrowly escape execution. The two of them use their combined wits and talents to foil the machinations of Cibalik Darcan as they embark on a dangerous mission involving a scroll the Catholic Church deems catastrophic to Christian beliefs.