Forever Mine


HISTORICAL/TIME TRAVEL:  Victoria Ashton is transported back to 1897 where she is mistaken for the Countess of Guilford, an unfaithful, ruthless woman who has been missing for three weeks. Victoria has to gain the trust of Nicholas Thornhill, the Earl of Guildford, who finds her story about being from the future ridiculous. What makes him even more furious is that he is suspected of murdering his wife! The more Victoria and Nicholas spend time together, the more they start to realize that their feelings for one another are real. Love blossoms between them and it forms a connection over time.


"Forever Mine" is a very good concept that has the makings for a perfect time travel romance. The characterization is very good and both protagonists develop well throughout the story - especially the male hero, who changes dramatically as he begins to realize that the heroine is telling the truth. The novel is a bit confusing to start when the heroine is transported back in time, and a few editing issues and errors that bring the rating down a bit, however the story is a good one and the intimate scenes descriptive and enjoyable. The plot and story are well done and it makes for a really good and exciting story. A great blend for a romance!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick