Forever at Midnight (The Cynn Cruor Bloodline #2)


The second book in the Cynn Cruor Bloodline series spotlights Roarke, a clan leader whose half-wolf, half-vampire eyes flicker with hope when he glimpses his soul mate, Deanna in Dac Valerian’s club one night. Long ago lost to Roarke, Deanna isn’t dead; she’s been a prisoner for hundreds of years, and through pure will this loveable heroine fights to survive, and eventually finds freedom. Time does not weaken the memory of the Scottish Cynn who was meant for her, but snatched away many moons ago. 

Roarke and Deanna are reunited, but Deanna doubts anyone will trust her, especially the man she loves. This tale builds tension to eye-popping levels. Roarke wants his mate, but she’s been marked by the Scatha Cruor’s leader, an evil being bent on destroying the Cynn bloodline. 

This paranormal set in Manchester, with five hundred years of history, and a love affair not forgotten is like finding gold dust in the pages of a book! Suspense, strong dialogue, extraordinary secondary characters, and the unraveling of answers trickle with an enticing flow. Unleashing hundreds of years of passion leads to several love scenes, but using them sparingly may have had more impact, yet who can blame a couple so in love it squeezes the heart? Reader’s will hover over the “buy button” waiting for the next in this series as the Cynn Cruor continue to hunt down the menace while they find their mates, and consummate those heated yearnings like only the Cruor can do. “Forever at Midnight” is a book surrounded by neon bulbs and a marquis that reads “Winner”! 

Natasza Waters