Into Forever (Forbidden Love #5)


The vampire Gage has found the love of his life; his mate, the Fey Princess, Serena. But she was promised as a child to a Fey Prince on the other side of the world, and nothing either can do will change that. Neither counted on the strength of his family of blood brother and sisters, but is he willing to pay the price to have his mate?


An obvious continuation of a previous tale, this story follows the heartache of blood mates who are forcibly separated by political alliances they did not choose and have little control over. A long held secret, and intervention by witches and a Goddess, are twined together in a fast-paced, no-holds-barred tale of love, sex, and family ties. The family members surrounding Gage help smooth over his mistakes, while adding dimension to the characters. Having not read the previous tales will render the reader lost throughout much of it, though; for example, there are fans at the gates, yet the why is not explained until the last chapter. Though some background is given in the beginning, it is not complete, and the number of characters moving in and out of being the focus tends to take away from the main storyline of Gage and Serena. Even toward the end, as things wrap up, holes and missing details keeps an uninitiated reader from being fully immersed into their world. And what a world it is, leaving one yearning to be loved as fiercely, and become part of such an eclectic set of paranormals!


Julie York