Forever Charmed (Vieux Carre Witch Sister #3)


Rose and her sisters are witch/warlock hybrids. Because they are part witch, they are required to go through training to learn how to kill warlocks, whose main goal in life is to kill witches. Handsome Callahan McCray is the Paladin trainer who is selected to work with Rose. He is also the one trainer whom Rose has been avoiding. Rose is a healer and killing is not in her nature. Getting involved with Cal is also nothing Rose is interested in, but the Fates have already decided for them.

"Forever Charmed" is engagingly written - Ms. Chartier brings to life the idea that there could be witches and warlocks living amongst mortals, as well as Paladins, who hunt and kill the evil warlocks. She also illustrates that one can do anything they have do if driven to it, including murder. Although there needed to be a bit more depth of character, the individuals in this piece are very likable and their personalities shine through, including the secondary characters. A large cast is in this novel, but it is easy to keep up with each one. Dynamics between Rose and Cal are delectable and the sexual tension between them is so thick one can feel it in every scene. One can feel Cal’s angst of loving Rose, and yet despising warlocks and her warlock blood. This novel leaves one hankering for more and there are several more stories in this series, telling the stories of the other sisters. Although a series, they each work well as stand-alone books.

Belinda Wilson