Forest Charmed (Southern Elemental Guardians Book 5)


Beverly Forester has a mission to protect the hidden garden that holds the power and magic of the earth. If the garden is lost, so is the everything it holds. A Dryad, Beverly will do anything she can to protect the garden at all costs. When she discovers a beast is coming to destroy the garden, she must find a beast with the same strength to fight on her side. Jack Roberts is still recovering from a mission that went horribly wrong. The monster hiding inside him may have been responsible for killing innocent people, so he's trying desperately to prevent his beast from escaping again. When Beverly brings Jack in to protect her garden, she finds herself attracted to him. Jack and Beverly have one hell of a fight on their hands. Will they make it and find solace with one another?

What stands out with this novel is the wonderful plot. It’s an interesting concept not often seen. The book’s descriptions are excellent and really pull readers into the midst of the action. Beverly and Jack are two very different characters who are pulled together, and it starts to work. The story does slow down a little which takes away from the flow and causes the story to stall at several points. But overall this is an enjoyable book. There's something about a strong male with a beast inside that is very attractive and fun to read. Jack is most definitely one of those characters. The phrase ‘opposites attract’ truly describes Jack and Beverly’s relationship in “Forest Charmed,” and the story has one of those unique plots readers will definitely enjoy reading. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick