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A Lawman’s Honor

When Charlotte Johnson is sentenced to three years in a women’s prison for defending herself against an aggressive client who wants to take advantage of her, she knows there is only one way out: escaping. Her friends prepare her journey, and she ends in Jefferson, Texas; however, things don’t go as planned.

Elva, the elf healer, and Art, the demigod inventor, have been best friends for the last twenty years; but it’s obvious to all the magical beings of Cat’s Paw Cove that the feelings between the two go much deeper. When Elva's honey bees for her healing practice go missing, Art jumps in to help. But as emotions run high, it’s hard to keep strong feelings down, and soon romance blooms.

First Oracle (Fury Rising #1)
M.L. Cook and
Niki Bright

The Orcs, a once insurmountable race united under a strong ruler, are now fractured into seven tribes by a dark secret. These proud people now struggle and fight for their lives against the other races and each other. However, the appearance of an Oracle in the strongest tribe offers hope that one day the tribes will once again unite as one and prosper without fear.

Aine is a dairymaid. The people around her are convinced she has been touched by the faeries and take every opportunity to belittle her. A bad omen can’t prepare her for the devastation that will occur. The English have invaded Ireland and found their way to her master’s home. Everyone is murdered, and she is the only survivor. Niall is a soldier for Ireland, fighting against the English.

Senator Harlan Bushfield and his wife are driving home from a political event when a flat tire puts them on the side of the road. A tow-truck driver then kidnaps and murders the Senator. This high-priority case has no leads, except for a picture that is distributed to all police departments in hopes that something will arise.