To Follow My Heart (The Knights of Berwyck, A Quest Through Time Novel #3)


TIME TRAVEL/HISTORICAL:  Jenna Sinclair is looking to soothe her wounded ego after a nasty breakup by visiting her favorite location in San Francisco, but while walking the beach she is suddenly transported through a portal that catapults her back in time to Berwyck Castle, England in 1182.  

Garrison captain Sir Fletcher Monroe has met his fair share of time travelers.  When a ghost advises him to visit the beach he follows his instincts, and loses his heart when Jenna arrives.  While still acclimating to the past Jenna is compelled to return to her own time —but how can she return and still pursue her feelings for Sir Fletcher? 

A treat for time-travel buffs, “To Follow My Heart” is a well-written tale that will engage readers with its originality.  As the third installment in the Knights of Berwyck series, this tale is strong enough on its own merits that it will lend readers to overlook hints and partial histories alluding to the first two books.  Finding herself a fish out of water, strong-minded Jenna adapts rather quickly.  Readers will find her even more endearing upon her second journey through time.  Sir Fletcher is a hunky, honorable knight who will do anything to keep Jenna safe while staking his claim on her heart.  The turning-of-the-tables in this tale provide the endearing qualities authors strive for.  This time travel with multiple journeys gives the everyday a fresh twist that will pique reader’s curiosity in order to seek out previous installments. 

Jordyn Teel