Flame Unleashed (Hell to Pay #3)


One hundred and fifty years ago, Ruth Blackstone forfeited her soul to Jerahmeel, Satan in human form, to save her husband’s life. Still trapped, and killing wicked souls to feed Jerahmeel’s evilness, her life as an Indebted is abhorrent and she continually tries to earn her freedom. When she meets Odie Pierre-Noir, a smooth-talking, handsome Cajun Indebted, she finds there is more to this Cajun than meets the eye. Odie has an agenda all his own and a plan that could free all Indebteds from Jerahmeel’s clutches. However, he needs Ruth’s cooperation and powers to succeed. 


This concluding edition to the Hell to Pay series stands alone, although reading the series in order will give one a better understanding of the characters and their roles as Indebteds. With well-developed characters that are engaging and believable and a well-written story line that flows at a smooth pace, this action packed tale has one turning the pages rapidly to reach its climatic conclusion. The story becomes a little blurry as to the reasoning behind an evil being’s “love” and obsession with an obviously loving and good woman; however this is overshadowed by the excitement and suspense that has one sitting on the edge of one’s seat. With an elaborately crafted plot, plenty of action, steamy love scenes, and a dark and sinister villain, this novel has much to offer and will appeal to readers of many genres.


Janna Shay