Flame Caller (World Aflame #2)


NEW ADULT:  A long time ago, the Elementals made a pact… They would create Castes and take turns enriching the planets and the humans-until Fire cleanses everything. Millennia later, the time has come for the Fire Caste…

Xander’s life has changed so much, he wouldn’t be able to go back with a map and flashing signs. No longer just a student, he’s the newest, and perhaps the most powerful Wind Warrior alive. The Fire Caste are burning everything down, making war imminent. And his girlfriend, Sammy is one of the enemy, bringing distrust into the circle of Wind Warriors.  The newest pieces on the chessboard are the Elementals. Just legends… Or, are they? When the battle for the planet comes about, who will stand on which side? And, who will win?

Jon Messenger may be bringing about the Apocalypse, but he’s gifting readers with Xander’s intriguing world while doing it! Xander and Sammy are the fantasy equivalent of Romeo and Juliet! And magic is always a winner, especially with these odds. However, the book isn’t offering anything really new, or unpredictable. Something to keep the pages turning with excitement and allow the readers to really invest in the characters is missing, which is further illustrated by the lack of frustration over the cliffhanger ending. Reading “The Flame Caller” is an enjoyable pastime, though, and with a bit more flavor, the series could become a great deal of fun!

Mimi Smith