FAIRYTALE:  David Fitz is a heroin-addicted drug dealer and a small-time con artist. He's grown weary of the drug game and wants a fresh start. David and his girlfriend Juno make plans to get clean and leave town. Led to believe that they will be safe from harm, David joins forces with the police to lure his boss into a sting. But when his boss is released and sends thugs to find them, their only hope is to rely on Cadence, their new neighbor. A strange woman with otherworldly powers, Cadence promises David and Juno her protection. In exchange, David must “provide” for the community. Uncertain of what he's agreed to, David soon discovers that there is more to Cadence than he could have ever imagined.

“FiX” is a decidedly complex and multi-layered story. Mr. Golvach has crafted a world that is disturbing and dark. Although incredibly imaginative, this tale is often repetitive and overwrought. The author showcases his creativity with visceral prose. However, apart from David, many of the characters are unlikeable. Petty, demanding and cruel, their flaws may make it difficult for one to be invested in the characters or what happens to them. Much of whom and what Cadence is, is tied up in her history with David. This history, however, remains an enigma to David and to the reader, as little is revealed until the tail end of the book. All in all, a little self-editing on the author's part could have made for a more cohesive story. 

Chantel Hardge