First Contact


Paranormal realty is a dead business, but Sloane Osborne is committed to selling haunted houses.  Searching for her departed fiancé Michael’s ghost, she has one last chance to find him in a remote Wisconsin haunted house - but Michael has a dire warning for her.  Needing help to solve a ghostly problem, Sloane turns to Michael’s lifelong best friend Jonah Prescott of the FBI.  Can Sloane and Jonah help solve the mystery surrounding the house without adding to the body count?  


Unearthing the unearthly and true feelings, “First Contact”, the first book of the Sloane Osborne Haunts for Sale Series, is a diabolical tale that is not for the faint of heart.  While strongly grounded in the paranormal, Sloane, never having seen an apparition before, spends a great deal of time running headlong into trouble which, even to devoted paranormal readers, may leave one with the impression of slight improbability reminiscent of teenagers in cult horror movies…Run Jamie Lee!  The plot is part mystery and part lost love with Sloane spending a great deal of time ruminating about her past with Michael, causing an overshadowing of her future. Along with a few grammatical issues that need light editing, plus sparse focus on Sloane’s emotional connections with the living, there is a hindrance of the reader’s progression.   However, the gruesome depiction of depraved behavior by serial killers and the suffering withstood by the victims will raise the hair on reader’s necks and have them rapidly turning the pages.


Roberta Gordon