Firestorm (Southern Elemental Guardians Book 3)


Bruce is prince of the American Sylph and Guardian of wind and air. He loves mixing business with pleasure, but now, when he’s discovered a rogue Phoenix on the loose, pleasure could lead to a potential catastrophe. Serafina has spent over a century in hiding, and now, with three fire elementals uniting (which can disrupt the earth’s elemental balance and lead to an apocalypse), she’s forced to fight this upcoming disaster. But can she trust Bruce to help her, or will he ignite a fire in her so strong it could doom them both?

While the book can be read as a stand-alone, it might cause confusion over certain aspects of the story, so it’s probably best to start at book one. The world of the Southern Elemental Guardians series is very complex, with a lot of different paranormal creatures, politics, and just about every character having personal ambitions that could upset the balance, different factions, and so on. 

Bruce carries a lot of guilt over decisions he’s made in the past, which makes him question certain decisions he has to make right now. Sera on the other hand struggles with having been in hiding for so long, and feeling as if she hasn’t really been living her life, but instead just wasting time hiding away. Although they’re very different people, Bruce and Sera have an instant connection between them that goes beyond regular attraction. A clever, complex world, an entertaining plot and realistic, flawed characters make this book a must read for fans of paranormal books. 

Majanka Verstraete